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Introducing Arif Boysan

Arif Boysan is a Business Accelerator focused on optimizing the performance of business owners and leaders. Utilizing his 25 years of professional experience, Arif has a track record of improving business performances in a variety of industries. While Arif’s vision for developing business owners is generalistic, his specific focus starts with vision and goal clarity, chaos reduction, financial stabilization, productivity enhancement, team performance, leadership development, and a clear and simple to execute, five-pronged strategy guaranteed to produce a three-time return in a client’s coaching investment.

Before Arif was a successful business coach, he spent 25 years working for Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales. Climbing his way through the ranks, Arif had an opportunity to hold roles at the support and sales staff level, operations and sales management level, into regional Operations Manager, Director of Stores – North, ultimately culminating in his final position as Senior Vice President. Throughout these 25 years, Arif remained focused on learning and growing, all while learning how to operate a well-oiled machine, grow businesses, and the team members around him. There has been no challenge that is too great for Arif, his reputation has been built around his ability to see the strengths inside a business to leverage, while identifying opportunities that should be developed.

During his time with Bloomingdales, Arif began to think about different challenges, before ultimately deciding to become the owner of an ActionCOACH Franchise. This allowed him to begin to utilize his knowledge and experience to support local business owners and make an impact on the local economy. Arif’s vision for his team’s practice is for their work to create 5,000 jobs in the local community by 2030. With his coaching, business owners learn not only how to grow revenue and/or cut costs, but how to structure, optimize, and create procedures that allow them to grow.

To learn more about Arif and Business Coaching, visit arifboysan@actioncoach.com

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